Element Of Pain

by Durva

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The new EP from Canadian thrash band DURVASAG. Element of Pain is a new endeavour into much darker, deeper territory than any of the other previous demos. With better production quality than before and darker atmosphere, the new EP drives the message of Satan, insanity, demons, and hellfire further than before. Soon to be available on CD!


released January 13, 2013

Mark Arruda - Vocals
George Ondi - Guitar
Sergio Moyano - Bass
Emile Giordan - Drums

Kelten J Prew - Cover Art/Logo
Mario Rafael - Producer
George Ondi - Co-Producer
Sergio Moyano - Co-Producer



all rights reserved


Durva Toronto, Ontario

Durva (Ex. Durvasag) is a Toronto-based band. We have been through many changes and still expect and want to further advance and innovate our sound. We've gone from the "metal" only, everyone else is a poser but us, and we know what's best mentality; to a open, welcoming, and mature way of perceiving those pleasing sound waves, known as music. ... more

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Track Name: Sacrifice
Blood on my hands
Claws tear at my command
The forces of evil
Shroud our black mass
Invoking evil
And praising the damned
Let blood be spilt
My blade only stopped
At the hilt

Sacrifice (x2)
Purity stolen from paridise
Oh, Sacrifice

The virgins she screams
The pain that she feels
It's all so real
Bleed and squeal
Dark mist
Rises from the abyss
Hell opens it's blazed jaws
The Earth now in Satan's Maw


Solo - Ondi
Solo - Moyano
Solo - Ondi
Solo - Moyano

On Lucifer's bright wings
Our evil flies
For the weaklings on Earth
God's light has died
The purest of lambs
Slaughtered at hands
In hell's evil command

<Chorus> (x2)

The apocalypse has begun!
Spill the pure virgins blood
Break the seals of angels
Rape the holy nuns
Vomit on the throne of god
Track Name: World Massacre Tour
World Massacre Tour

Soldiers prepare
for battle ahead
to fight
for victory once more
Brains spill and bodies bleed
As bullets shread our enemies
Death from above
and shell shock no choice
The abyss fills with blood


Join the fight
to slaughter tonight
engage in war
World massacre tour
M16s scream
In the valley death
Hell breaks loose
No reason for war

Corpse-infested deserts
Blood splattered jungles
spent shell casings
artillery rumbles
Last remaining signs
Of humanity
Buried in bodies
Will be disintegrated
Nuclear warfare!


Solo - Ondi
Solo - Moyano
Solo - Ondi
Solo - Moyano

Soldiers deceased
From the battle before
No victory was found
Spent shell casings
And artillery rumbles
As dead bodies hit the ground
The ashes of the dead
Fly sky high

Track Name: Redemption

Once I was your savior
Infamous knight of death
Bringing forth victory
Praised with glory
Recurred by power
The urge for more grows
Convicted as a heretic
Locked and chained up

Redemption (x4)

Twenty years of torture
Burned and pealed
My tongue sliced off
Screaming silently
I feel nothing, no pain
Consciousness dissolves
Darkness embodies me


Solo - Ondi

Possessed by evil
Stronger than 10000 men
Escaped captivity
Revenge, I desire
I'll find my prosecutors
And murder every single one
The dram you took
Kingdom I'll redeem

Track Name: Nuclear Winds
Nuclear Winds

Out from the depts!
My warheads fly
On the winds of my hate
The people on earth,
Watch the sky
As I bring life to an end
When I lived i wanted to die
And now I'll take you with me

Nuclear Holocaust (X4)

People start to run
Scared for their lives
As they see the missiles fly
My bombs, bringers of death,
Block out the sun
And vaporize the weak ones
The voices in my head
My bloody thirst quenched.
No one will ever hear you scream again


Solo - Ondi

The nuclear winds
Of sickly death
Blow through the craters
Dead masses of twisted flesh
Crawl outwards
From the wreckage
Distorted and bloodied
The sole survivors
Are those who are unlucky

Track Name: Apocalypse

Lucifer is free!
The dark lord reigns
As it is written
Shall it never be
The demons of hell
Bring me under the spell
I cry out for help
But I can't even welp

Satan's victory!
Christ's tragedy!
Slaying the divine!
Spill the holy wine!

They arm me with fire
To light God's pyre
And to set this world aflame
Slaughter the angels
Enslave holy nuns
This is the will
Of the Desolate One


Solo - Ondi
Track Name: Demonic Entity (Demo)
Demonic Entity (Demo)

Solo - Ondi
Solo - Ondi
Solo - Ondi
Solo - Moyano